Welcome to my Website.

All poems have been written over a few years following a period in my life when, metaphorically speaking, I climbed out of the box containing everyday existence, sat on top and saw that waiting for me were the answers to every question I could ever think of on the purpose of life and beyond. One day I began to turn my new understandings into ‘simple’ poems for my own personal reflection. I now share these with you via this website.
I have added a Family album with old photographs which I will add to from time to time

Here is my book which, since the year of its publication, created within me the emotion of humility.The contents seemed to help many people, from different walks of life, to look at the subjects I cover from a different perspective.  I have been told it is 'timeless'.  It is a simple book, nothing heavy, just flowing thoughts from my heart aimed at the wish to create notes to pass on to my grandchildren ready for the day when they were grown up enough, in mind, body and soul, to consider and accept or reject what I found to be true on the Meaning of Life itself.

The paperback version (from 2015) is available from S.O.L. Books, PO Box 280, St. Neots, PE19 9ED £5 which includes postage (any profits have and will go to UK Children's Hospices).  Click the button below to view the S.O.L Books website and discover more about my book.

Do you find Rainbows magical?  Here'smy collection of photographs of rainbows taken in different locations.

This site is dedicated to my dear Father John Augustine Finn
and my big brother Michael James Finn,  with eternal love