A New World is coming
It's emerging through the mist
hold on to Faith, Hope and Love
We're next on Heaven's List.

The King will be full balance
Freedom and Food for All
The Queen will be Unity
No fighting and no War.

Mother will be Planet Earth
With Joy she'll spin around
knowing her air, seas and land
are clean, are safe and sound.

Father will be ticking Time
in Eternity he'll suspend
retirement of his moving parts
in a World that has no End.

The Children will be Mankind
Brown, yellow, black and white
selfless thoughts, words & deeds
Evolved in Knowledge and Light.

Creatures, they'll all live in peace
No prey or man to fear
grazing on all nature's gifts
in Earth's new atmosphere.

A New World is coming
Emerging through the mist
Hold on to all the faith you have
We're next on Heaven's List