Thank you God for Life and Love
for the beauty all around
I've spent too many years
with my eyes fixed on the ground

What I did not realise
was the love that's there to find
I lived within the limitations
of my busy spinning mind

One day I took a step back
held my head up looked around
the cobwebs fell down from my eyes
Real Life is what I found

The Sky, the grass, the flowers
Bright Rainbows with Sunshine
simple walks and simple pleasures
I know they can be mine

The woodlands and the wildlife
Stars that wink and send their light
Deep blue seas that wave emotions
Morning sunrise, moonlit nights.

The sounds you send around us
bumble bees and feathered friends
whispering leaves and running water
Natures love, which you extend

Dear God I want to thank you
I see the beauty all around
In this lifetime I have everything
Heaven on Earth is what I've found