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I'll always be pleased to receive comments/feedback on my website, poems or quotations.  If you have read my book, any feedback on it would be welcomed, as a new 'unknown' author it would be interesting to know what readers think or feel about it. I have been fortunate enough to receive a few lovely comments and I'm aware my little book has helped a range of readers, from young to old, particularly those who are at a certain place in their lives where they acquaint with the subjects I cover which, perhaps, reminds them of something they already know, deep down inside...smiles.

If you would like a complimentary laminated bookmark of any of the poems or the Happiness Within section, don't be shy, just email me and I'll send you one or more. Perhaps you have a favourite inspirational quotation you would like me to add, or a favourite poem for my new 'Guest Poems' you have an interesting photograph of a rainbow I can include on R A I N B O W C A T C H E R page, if so please contact me: