In the home of all Rainbows
I will dance every day
the waltz and the foxtrot
Irish Jig and Ballet.

I’ll waltz around Jupiter
foxtrot around Mars
Irish jig on a moonbeam
pirouette around the stars.

I will fly to Crystal City
to see whether it’s true
in the sparkling metropolis
there is so much to do.

The Hall of All Knowledge
is so well worth a look
living Words, living Pictures
I will view every book!

I’ll visit the Glass Cathedral
feel the ambience, say a prayer
see that Love is the Holy Flame
set upon the altar there.

Then off to the Crock of Gold
where waiting for me
is every Teacher, every friend
and my whole family.

With laughter at our reunion
we will dance once again
stepping forward into eternity
holding hands at Rainbow's End.