A selection of new poems from other 'poets' :)

A friend and colleague at work, who recently lost her dear Mother, gave the following poem to me.   This poem was a favourite of her Mum’s, as in her spare time she helped clean her local church, so in memory of Winifred Mary Trickett, here is the poem:



My job on earth is humble,

I’m just a cleaner see

And those who know no better

Well, they look down on me,

But what they just don’t realise

Is whilst they’re having fun,

I’m serving my apprenticeship

For better things to come,

Cos when our life is ended

And we go to meet Our Lord

They won’t know how to please him,

With either act or word,

But I will say dear Jesus

I know what I will do,

I’ll clean and polish Heaven

I’ll make it shine for you,

I’ll make the stars all sparkle

And dust those Pearly Gates

I’ll scrub the steps to Heaven Lord

Where angels stand and wait,

And so to people here on earth,

I have these words to say,

Don’t treat a cleaner with contempt

We’ll meet again one day,

When God will take us by the hand

And when he gets to me

He’ll introduce me as his Friend,

A Cleaner, V.I.P.

The author of the following poem is a lovely lady who works in a retirement complex near my home.  She often keeps the residents amused by adding poems to their weekly newsletter.  When I first asked her if I could include one of her poems on my website she wondered whether it was a bit 'frivolous' when compared to my more serious poems, I replied that anything that makes us smile or lightens our day, is good for sure, (a spoonful of healing medicine for the soul) here is my friend Linda's poem, one of my favourite ones.....

(Loosely based on a request for slippers in the Spring:)
It's not the 'slipper season'
in the shoe shop I was told
It's March you see - we've had 'a run'
and now they've all been sold.
If you'd called in last November
then the choice we had was great
from velcro strip to kitten heel..
but you've left it far to late!
I could look out the back I guess
 (I thought she'd never ask)
with shaking head and muffled sigh
oh this really is a task!
Ten minutes pass and then she's back
"this is the best that I can do"
while holding up a bright pink pair
with pompoms - size two!
I leave the shop somewhat bemused
I really must remember
we're in the 'sandal season' now...
I'll pop back in November!