Mum was in the Red Cross, in London during the War & this is Dad aged 20, long before he met Mum, he was in the Irish Guards like his father, also shown below.
My beautiful Mother                           Granddad Finn, Irish Guards
Mum and her friend Bridie who invited Mum to a party where she met Dad, Mum also worked on the buses in the war.
Mum & Dad's wedding day. (her best friend Iris is on the end on left, Iris's Dad gave Mum away)
My brothers Johnny and Michael, with me in Hamilton Park, Willesden, London.
My Uncle Johnnie from Liverpool (on the left), also in the Irish Guards, Egypt 1950. He was also Lord Mountbatten's Piper

Me feeding the chickens on my Granddad Lennon's farm, Ireland
One of my favourite photos of my parents, I still remember Mum's lovely dress.
Dad at work, Financial Chief Exec', London Transport Head Office, Baker Street, London circ 1960s


Three of my Grandchildren 2012